Chris Collard

Through his images and writing, Chris Collard believes in telling a story first. His goal is not only sharing a vivid visualization of a place, but also bringing the uniqueness of its people and their culture to life.

Through his company, Adventure Architects, he has published hundreds of articles and thousands of images in dozens of magazines on six continents. Assignments have sent him to the Australian Outback in search of the giant goanna, across the Moroccan Sahara with a twentieth generation Sahrawi nomad, and into the jungles of Venezuela and the Kalahari Desert.

Chris' work has been featured in National Geographic Adventure, Cigar Aficionado, American Way, Car & Driver, Road & Track, Overland Journal, Heartland USA and more that dozen other U.S. magazines. Corporate clients include: Jeep, Mopar, Chrysler, Warn, ARB and Disabled Sports USA, to name a few, and he is the US correspondent for print magazines in Russia, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, the UK and Czechoslovakia.

Chris is a self-taught photographer and a strong believer that if you can read, work hard, and have a vision, the world is your oyster. -Chris says, "Adventure comes in many packages - Some are big as Antarctica, some as small and as close as your backyard. His comfort zone, and where he does his best work, is on the path less traveled.